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  • giuseppe2016


    Dear Slava,

    I read you are Ucrainan so first of all I hope nothing will happen in Ucraina in these sad days where some people want to rule the world and we common people pay the consequences for that.

    Said that, I’d have a question regarding your plugin that is indicated as useful in a theme instruction for creating groups in automated way.

    I have no users at the moment, and what I need to do is simply to create 100 groups that will be assigned to Users when they will subscribe from an automated plugin (a new User compile a field and this will be used by the plugin to automatically insert the user there). I understand that your plugin can create this groups but I have some questions:

    1. What would be the names of the 100 groups? Is there a way to create them with 100 indicated ones in some way?
    2. After doing that will they be populated automatically by all the new users (I’m asking as this concepts comes from some review of this plugin)?
    3. Will the groups be “normal” groups in the way they will work with normal Users?
    4. Do I need to disactivate and eliminate the plugin after the creation of the groups?

    Many thanks and I really hope that everything will remain in peace forever,

    Giuseppe from Rome

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