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    Hey! Have an issue that I haven’t run into before with this plugin. BTW… Groups rocks. I love it.

    I’m using it on a site to restrict content to the ‘registered’ group. The content consists of custom post types. However, when someone in the registered group tries to access the content, Groups blocks them.

    If I remove ‘registered’ from the post, the user is then able to access. So something odd is going on. I haven’t run into this before.

    My site is hosted on a Linode VPS. LEMP (Ubuntu/Nginx/MySQL). I’m using the Underscores starter theme.

    I can provide more information if needed. Thank you!

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    A further note: I’ve done the migration guide of selecting all posts and adding the new v2.x group restriction. But it just won’t work. If I have any group specified, it will not let a user in that group view the post.

    Plugin Author Kento


    Hi Kyler,

    Great to hear that you love it! Thank you so much!

    If you are restricting access to entries as described in the documentation on Posts, Pages and Others, you are selecting the Registered group in the Groups box and members of the group would be able to see it.

    I would really recommend to get rid of using the old restrictions based on capabilities as you will be limiting the extent of control and miss out on new features, e.g. restricting blocks and other goodies.

    Two issues I can imagine here:

    1. What you describe could stem from an issue with caching, make sure that caching is disabled for users who are logged in.
    2. I’m not quite sure about this, but just in case … you mention registered but the default Group is in fact Registered (capitalized first letter) …

    Regarding this:

    … If I have any group specified, it will not let a user in that group view the post.

    1. (In browser A, as administrator) Just try to create a simple group as explained in the Groups section of the documentation. Use a completely new group name and make sure that you have the legacy access control disabled for that test.
    2. (In browser A, as administrator) Protect a new test post with that group.
    3. (In browser B, not logged in) Try to access that post (which should of course be hidden now).
    4. (In browser A, as administrator) Create a new user and assign it to that group.
    5. (In browser B) Log in with that new user and try to access the protected post.

    If in 5) you get the same result as in 3) that could likely be due to the web server serving the cached page to the authorized users. Disable caching and repeat 5) – if you still have the same issue after that, then something else must be interfering and I would recommend to disable all other non-essential plugins until it works. Then you can enable them individually and see which of them breaks things … and get rid of it 😉

    Well I hope this helps you further …


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    Thanks for the detailed steps. I’ve been pulled to other things and just got back to this. So I think it was server side nginx caching that was causing the issue. I’ve cleared that out on two of the sites having issues, and they’re working now. Thank you!

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