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  • Resolved David Wilkin



    I love the plugin, but I just can’t get grouping to work. I’ve copied the shortcode to my page and inserted the correct group name. It’s a simple group name ([simple-staff-list group=”Associates”]) so I’m not sure where the problem is.

    I have 2 groups (“Associates” and “Executive Board”), and whether grouped in either of these groups or not, ALL staff will show when using the shortcode above(obviously changed for the Executive Board group).

    I know another user tried deleting pages, and recreating groups and such, and that worked for them. I tried that also to no joy.

    I’m using v1.12 of the plugin.

    Also, I noticed that the CSS was not actually inserted into the box even though you said that was fixed for this version. Thought you’d want to know.

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  • Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Thanks for the heads up on the CSS box bug. I’m still trying to squash it apparently.

    I’ll look into the issue again to see if I can replicate the error you’re getting.

    Have you tried uninstalling the plugin via the WP dashboard and reinstalling it? (warning: doing this WILL delete any customizations you’ve made to the Staff Loop Template AND Custom CSS).

    It seems to be working now.

    I first uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled and had no joy at that point.

    So I when ahead and removed all the members I had, deleted all the groups, then I unistalled the plugin. Then I further deleted the two pages that I was setting up the separate groups on. Then I reinstalled the plugin, added a member and created the group through the member. Then I re-created the page where the list was going to go, and added the short code.

    Now it seems to work fine. No idea what is going on, but glad it seems to be ok now. Just wanted to document my whole process to see if that helps in your debugging.

    Kudos on the great plugin. Very helpful.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Great! I’m glad you got it working.

    Sorry you had to go through so much to get it working, though.


    Hi — I’m having the same problem, but without the same success after deleting everything, uninstalling the plugin, and starting over with adding groups through the member add screens. I’ve got two groups: staff, and faculty and researchers. After one reinstall, the staff listing displayed correctly but the faculty listing displaying everyone. After another reinstall, both listings displayed everyone. Any clues on solutions?

    Other than that, the plug-in is really great — client will love it.

    Thanks much for any guidance —

    Urrgh. User error, I guess. Just noticed in some examples in the support threads that it was the group name, not the slug, was used — for some reason, I’d had it fixed in my mind that the slug should be used. Now that I’ve gotten that straight, it’s working flawlessly.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Awesome…glad you got it worked out.

    I think that when I added that feature, I was thinking that an average WordPress user would be more familiar with the Group Name vs. the slug.

    I’ll see if I can fix it to where either one works.


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