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  • Hi, this is a great plugin for sorting uploads into directories!

    I wonder if you would consider enabling this plugin to put uploads into certain directories based on certain conditions, like this for example:

    * All image files (jpg, png, gif etc) go into /images
    * All doc files (doc, pdf, xls etc) go into /docs
    * All audio files (mp3 etc) go into /audio

    …and so on.

    So in other words, I’m able to specify which types of file (which conditions) are used, as well as the name of the folder/path that the files meeting each condition are placed in.

    I suppose that might mean having multiple path templates.

    This would allow a lot more control and customisation of where the files go, than what is currently possible.

    I know that there is now the %file_ext% variable, but this is not quite what I’m looking for – I don’t want a separate subfolder for jpg, gif, png, mp3 etc – I want to group some of these into just one subfolder, as that makes more sense for my particular needs. 🙂

    What do you think?

    (Even better still would be the ability to select, on-the-fly, which path/folder to upload a media file into, when it’s being uploaded, via a menu or something)


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