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  • Hi there,

    Really hoping someone out there can help with, I’m looking for some plugin or hack suggestions to enable the following…

    I’m setting up a site that has a business listing (over 1200 posts) with a custom post type ‘business’ and various custom fields for addresses, contact details etc.

    Basically, I’ve got all that set up and working great but I’m now looking for a solution to group various businesses by postcode and area allowing the visitor to search.

    Each postcode has about 10-20 related postcodes (region/area) and I want a person searching for one postcode to be shown entries from any business in the related / close areas via the additional postcodes.

    I’ve tried assigning a custom field of ‘grouping’ to each business which includes all related postcodes but unfortunately this is an unworkable solution considering the vast amount of businesses I have.

    Does anyone have any idea how I could accomplish this?

    Thanks so much!

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  • I think you don’t need to add something like Custom Field in it. Just create categories and sub-categories in WordPress and assign all the post into relevant categories. This should work. Now, you can display Category cloud on homepage where users can go into desired category.
    Hope this works.

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