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    Hi there,
    just updated to WC 4.0 and noticed that the grouped products does not work, however the single products linked to that grouped product still work.
    A conflict of plug-in has been rolled out – tested with a WP standard theme too (using the theme ENFOLD at this moment)

    Whats exacly not working is when I want to increase the amount any of the single products whithin this grouped product (specifically the + button). I then shows instead of a number (1, 2, 3 items) a ‘NaN… whatever that means.

    the updating it self was no problem, same as database update…

    anyone experiencing the same problem? Any ideas?

    seee screenshot here:

    thanks in advance

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  • Hello, @aovivo Thanks for reaching out here. I think there must some plugins or theme which is not compatible with woocommerce since this is a major release of the WooCommerce.To fix these issues try to deactivate all the plugins except the WooCommerce and then check the issue by activating them one by one. I am sure you will be able to find the conflicting plugin. And also switch to the default theme like StoreFront.

    Hi Mohit,

    thanks for the quick response.
    As I stated in my post, I rolled out any plug-ins conflicts by deactivating all but WC.
    I also changes to standard theme, no luck either.

    I just moved a copy to a different host and different php-Version, same problem there…
    I keep digging – unfortunately there is no ‘specific’ error to find in a log…
    I just cant add a product from a grouped product to the cart…


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    Hi there

    So far this doesn’t seem like it’s something that can be replicated by anyone else. I’ve just had a look at my testing site but the grouped product does seem to be working as expected:

    Link to image:

    Can you share a status report as found under **WooCommerce > System Status**?

    Hello @riaanknoetze, I think something is going wrong at your end since I have checked these issues with the latest WooCommerce and default theme storefront and everything is working well. Here is the screenshot of that.

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    Hi there,

    @mohitmishra – thank you for your input/replies here. In his message, @riaanknoetze was saying that things were working well for him too — he was unable to reproduce the issue. So far it looks like only the original poster has seen this issue.

    @aovivo — we haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this thread as resolved. If you have any further questions, please start a new thread.

    Have a wonderful day!

    My client is having this problem also and they are using the same theme ENFOLD as the OP so it’s possible that could be the issue. Im going to look into it now, but thought I would Google for a fix and that’s how I found this thread.

    Yes, its the ENFOLD theme and they offered a fix after a while… however they are taking a bit longer than usual since they promised a quick update of the theme including other fixes whereon I am waiting for.

    its an error in the woocommerce-mod-.js – file.

    You would need to replace it – check here:

    Awesome, thank you @aovivo ! Mod added and it’s working, thank you.

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