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  • I am having some trouble with my wordpress site. I am a noob but I am determined : )

    here is my simple problem;
    I have 10 or so posts set with the category “Blog” and I want them to show up on my “blog” page.
    Its weird, only 1 post is showing up on the page and I want my Blog page to show them all. No matter what settings I change that 1 post is only displayed.

    I have been though the wordpress forum several times trying all the tips and tricks but nothing seems to work so far.
    Here’s what i have tried so far-
    Adding new category name and assigning all posts to this new name and then updating the Blog page to show this new category- no change.
    Switching themes back to default 2012 – no change.
    Deactivating all plug ins – no change.
    Updating permalink page and clicking “save changes” – no change.
    Changing the php script to show “50 posts” onstead of 10. – no change.

    Do I need to work on my slug tagging? or my tags causing a problem? Do they have to match in some way? here is my web site

    I hope someone can point me to something simple that I am missing here.
    Thanks everyone for some feedback :0)

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  • Hi,

    did you try checking your “Blog pages show at most” value under Settings -> Reading?

    Also, are you sure your posts are actually published and not just drafted?

    Thanks for the reply.! It was blog pages show at most” value.
    Very happy blogger sat here now : )

    I have another related problem now. My new posts are not going on to the page. Any ideas?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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