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    Hello Groups Support,

    Say there are 3 different companies using one site: Company A, B & C
    Each company has a leader and associates.
    For example–

    Company A Has:
    User 1 as Leader
    User 1A as associate
    User 2A as associate
    User 3A as associate

    Company B Has:
    User 2 as Leader
    User 1B as associate
    User 2B as associate
    User 3B as associate

    Company C Has:
    User 3 as Leader
    User 1C as associate
    User 2C as associate
    User 3C as associate

    I would like to make:
    the Leaders “Authors” and
    the Associates “Contributors” BUT

    The Associates should only be able to see and edit the Custom Posts created by the company they belong to.

    Would this be possible with your Plugin?

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  • An answer to your question is partially available in the plugin documentation here:

    Scroll down to the section entitled “User Profiles”.

    Users with the Administer Groups permission (the groups_admin_groups capability) and the edit_users capability can edit the group membership of their own account and of other accounts they are allowed to edit.

    Regarding “ordering by [variable]” (in this case your variable is “company”), perhaps creating using the inheritance tree properties of Groups is the way to do this?

    For example:
    Group: User – Capabilites: Read posts, post comments
    Child Group: Company A – Capabilities: “User” stuff PLUS see Company A stuff
    Child Group: Company A Leader – Cap.: User+Company A PLUS group_admins_group and edit_users

    Child Group: Company B – Capabilities: “User” stuff PLUS see Company B stuff
    Child Group: Company B Leader – Cap.: User+Company B PLUS group_admins_group and edit_users

    Child Group: Company C – Capabilities: “User” stuff PLUS see Company C stuff
    Child Group: Company C Leader – Cap.: User+Company C PLUS group_admins_group and edit_users

    I hope that makes sense. Each “Child Group” has the Capabilities of the “Parent Group” plus what you choose to add on.

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