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    I have same issue as another closed topic that was not resolved so I am re-posting…

    After syncing groups, I can see that a number of custom taxonomies have been created (Areas, Days, Types Times, etc) as well as a number of custom meta fields (leader_email, leader_full_name, group_calendar_feed, etc). However none of them are populated. Is this because of something not set in CCB or is there something additional in the plugin?


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  • Plugin Author Jared Cobb


    Hi @blueoaks, there is now a new release (version 1.0.0) that resolves several bugs (including this one).

    Please note that there are some breaking changes with 1.0.0 and there is more information here:

    In short, the custom post type and taxonomy slugs have been renamed in order to come closer into line with WordPress community standards.

    Hey Jared – this is great news! Your plugin is key to my church’s new web site, and hopefully now I can complete it.

    I have updated your plugin to v 1.0.0, confirmed the API settings and performed a sync. My current 17 CCB groups were imported but most of the taxonomies are wrong – i.e. they’re either missing or for example the wrong group type is associated with the group.

    I am not talking about how they display on the front end. I haven’t gotten as far as that. I dont have any custom code yet to be updated with new slugs, etc. I am talking about how they appear in the back end WP admin panel.

    On my church’s existing site we are using the default CCB iframe public group finder display so I can see that the groups and their taxonomies are set up properly in CCB and display publicly. But on my dev site using 1.0.0 of your plugin those same groups have the issues mentioned above. We currently have 7 group types but only 1 was imported into wpccb. We have 5 areas, but none imported into wpccb. We have 9 day of week options and only 3 imported. We have 3 meeting times but none were imported.

    Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Jared Cobb


    @blueoaks Hmm, interesting. I would be curious what the actual XML response looks like from your service. If possible, can you visit https://<username>:<password>@<subdomain>

    (Replacing <username> <password> and <subdomain>, also note the “:” between the username and password)…

    If you inspect a <group> that is missing its group type in WordPress, does it have a value in the XML like so, and is it correct? Is there anything strange about the Group Type name? (Any special characters like & % # etc)?

    <group_type id="123">Some Group Type Name</group_type>

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    Using my first group as example, XML shows (copied carefully and exactly, note difference from your sample):

    <group id=”417″>
    <name>ST: Young Married Couples (Weber)</name>



    All our group names have a colon and/or parentheses in the title as in the example above. Removing all special characters from one of the group names as a test and then re-syncing removed some incorrect taxonomy data but did not replace it with correct taxonomy data.

    Plugin Author Jared Cobb


    The <name> will probably be unrelated to the taxonomy problem, however what does the <group_type> node look like? (The <group_type> is what should map to the Group Type taxonomy).

    For the same group as my previous reply:

    <group_type id=”8″>Couples / Family</group_type>

    Most of our groups types are 1 word, no spaces or special characters.

    Plugin Author Jared Cobb


    I see. Would you be willing to create an API user for me (with the group_profiles service enabled) that I could test with locally? If so, can you send it to wordpress at

    It’s possible there are scenarios in my own test data that are different than yours which may be causing a problem with the synchronization. (In which case, I’m sure you would not be the only person having problems).

    Will do…
    Thanks for pursing this. I am happy to help.

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