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  • I’ve got my users in a wordpress group, but I’m having some trouble between the query that’s supposed to be executed and what the LDAP server actually sees.

    The query that ought to happen is:


    While the LDAP server actually sees:

    <snip> filter="(&(uid=USERNAME)(|(?memberOf=cn=wordpress,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=edu)(?memberOf=cn=itadmin,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=edu)))"

    note the presence of the question marks.

    I’ve tried the following experiments:

    1. Changed $strFilterQuery .= '(memberOf=' to $strFilterQuery .= '(zmemberOf='
    2. The ‘z’ shows up where expected
    3. Changed $strFilterQuery .= '(memberOf=' to $strFilterQuery .= '((memberOf=' (wrapped in a set of parens. Other side is the fixed accordingly)
    4. Groups are ignored, any LDAP user can log in

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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