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    If you make a group in Buddypress it is only possible for the group admin to create a group event.

    Now i have two questions:

    First i would like to make it possible for regular group members to create events for their group by themselves.

    ands second, i would like to know if it is possible to create an option, when creating a new group you can select which members of the group can create and manage new events. like the same option there is for choosing which members can invite new members.

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  • @agelonwl thanks for your reply, Link to the other thread showt me there are other people with the same problem, but the thread didnt showt me a solution, still need an anwser 🙂
    anybody else knows how to do this

    Plugin Author Marcus


    you’d need to tweak or override the code we use to override the default permissions which is in buddypress/em-bp-groups.php;

     * @param boolean $result
     * @param EM_Event $EM_Event
    function bp_em_group_event_can_manage( $result, $EM_Event){
    	if( !$result && !empty($EM_Event->group_id) && bp_is_active('groups') ){ //only override if already false, incase it's true
    		if( groups_is_user_admin(get_current_user_id(),$EM_Event->group_id) && current_user_can('edit_events') ){
    			//This user is an admin of the owner's group, so they can edit this event.
    			return true;
    	return $result;

    @marcus, Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it,

    The problem here is that i have little to no coding experience,
    normally google is my friend,and that works perfect for simple coding 🙂

    But now i’m stuck wit this issue, I hope someone can tell me what tweak i have to do in the code given above to create what i want.

    Just need the code that lets members of groups to create and manage there own group events, just like group admins can. without letting them be group admin.

    Really hope there is someone out there that can provide this 🙂

    Thanks in advance

    Anyone?? :/

    Plugin Author Marcus


    chances are you’ll need to hire someone to help you further, try

    @marcus thanks for replying,
    I posted a job at, Hope someone will respond.

    Still do not want to close this thread, hope there is someone
    out there that knows the answer immediatly 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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