• Groundhogg has been very good to me so far! Yes, there are some things I would like to change, but that is true with every software. Where groundhogg really shines is in it’s ability to be customized. The automation includes the ability to use webhooks which is very useful. Support is fast and helpful.

    Update**- I’ve stopped using Groundhogg at this point. Mainly, for the following reasons:

    • The update cycle is not as tight as it should be for production software. Each new update fixes and breaks a part of the script. Leaving the user with unpredictable software.
    • The software is still finding itself. Meaning features you may depend on now, may not be available in the next release.
    • The owner is very engaged in support. However, his ego seems to be a sole deciding factor in which features will be available in the future. He forgoes a crowd sourced feature request list in favor of own personal decision about what is good for the user.
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    Hi Jared, I’m really sorry that we did not meet your expectations. Our team has invested solid time to solve your issues and improve the product based on your feedback over the last several months.

    I want to clarify your mention in regards to “removing features”. This is specific to our custom fields addon. We did change this to fit into our free version of the product and support our long-term vision to support custom fields for many different data types. What we did here, was improve the UI for free users and prepare Groundhogg Pro for better functionality.

    To explain the situation:

    As Groundhogg grows, one of our most requested features was the ability to add custom fields to many different data types. In the interest of creating a consistent experience of custom fields, the way they are managed for contacts was changed to be the same as they are for deals and companies as well.

    This came at the sacrifice of a feature that allowed users to restrict custom field tabs based on tags that were included in our premium addon for custom fields. But now all users, free and paid alike, gain access to custom fields as a result.

    We did indeed make the call to prioritize a unified and consistent user experience and give custom fields to everyone (free and paid) over continuing to maintain 2 versions of custom fields, and thus we sacrificed a UI that very few of our customers were using.

    Our entire 2021 has been dedicated to including features frequently requested by Groundhoggers. As is our 2022. We of course can’t turn around new feature requests as fast as some folks would like. And it is always difficult to prioritize all of the requests. With this said, all of our team members are indeed very engaged with our users and Groundhoggers guide us on what to prioritize. We see patterns in tickets and support requests as well. We hate to lose you as a customer and feel it a shame we couldn’t satisfy your requests. We’d love to earn your business back.

    If there is another opportunity, let us know how we could support you.

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