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  • I’ve altered the Gridlock theme for use on my own site. It now has widgets in the sidebar and the footer and one or two other differences.

    I think I’ve removed all the code that’s specific to my site. I’ve made sure the original theme’s author is credited in the footer, but I’ve also put a link to my own site so he doesn’t get pestered with complaints if I’ve introduced any serious errors in the code.

    I’ve annotated the style.css file as best I can, though I’m not sure what it all of it does.

    Is there anything else I should do before announcing it properly? If there isn’t then this is the announcement and you can download it from:

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  • hey, very nice mod theme to gridlock! but im having a problem with my site a little bit. How issit that you got the pictures to be displayed at the index page or the archives? The pictures included in my posts are somehow not showing up at the index page, it can only be seen when you click on the post. Would you mind helping out a little? Thanks!

    and ouh! my site’s @

    Images should appear for the main story with no problems. For the small images in the columns beneath the main story are I use the optional except field. Copy the opening section of your post entry into this field and make sure the images aren’t more than about 200px wide.



    the optional excerpt field? Hmmm may i know how do i go about doing that? because i’d like to have the album covers under my ‘album/ep reviews’ section to be shown. the covers are all 200x200px big.

    thanks, you’ve been a very big help. =)

    Hey sorry, hehe i’ve found the optional excerpt field already. Silly me, i should’ve known it’s at the bottom of the ‘writing a new post’ page. In anycase here’s another question, how do you get the illus class to work?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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