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    Fantastic plugin overall. Great way to showcase a company’s business and present its team members.

    The Grid View does not seem to work properly in IE (11) and Firefox (35.0.1). The width of each team member is not respected, so instead of showing 3 teams members across each row, it shows 2 team members, and uses the full size photo (e.g. 300px wide) instead of scaling down like it does in Chrome.

    I read in an earlier comment that a fix might be on the way. Could you indicate any rough timescale? Do you think it’s days/weeks/longer? We’re about to do some PR work and need our site tip-top before that.

    P.S. I also second the request for not just the name to be clickable, but also the photo.

    Thank you for providing what is currently the best Staff plugin on WordPress in my view

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  • Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    Thanks. It’s a known issue. There is an update going out this weekend that fixes that, and adds a couple of new features.

    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    The update has been pushed out.

    Hi. Thanks for the update. The clickable photos are great. In terms of the grid layout for IE and FF I’m still seeing the same 2 pics per row.

    On the “all staff” page the max photo size is still being used and the width instruction for each staff member to take one third of the page is not being respected by FF or IE. So there are only 2 staff per row.

    In Chrome it’s 3 per row, which I modified to be 4 per row because I think that looks even better – using .staffer-archive-grid li {width: 23%;}

    I would be very grateful if you could take a look


    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    You need to adjust your content wrappers — there’s probably a class in use with your theme that’s adding additional padding or margins. If you post your URL, I can check it out.

    Hi. URL shared privately. Thank you

    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    Jonty, try this in the custom CSS panel:

    .staffer-archive-grid li { display: inline-block; }

    And when the next version is released you can remove it, if desired.

    This will also work for any other users having IE issues.

    Magic! Now the grid looks perfect across Chrome, FF and IE

    And we can enjoy the full glory of this great plugin


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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