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  • The breakpoint handling is quite nice already (could it be adjusted/expanded by the theme using filters btw.?).
    However, for a three-column grid (on desktop) I want to have on tablet breakpoint one grid area full width with its own row and the other two grid areas half-width, sharing the same row, and finally on mobile all the areas under each other in their own rows.
    Currently, the three-columns grid on desktop directly goes to one-column grid on tablet breakpoint.

    Three columns, with middle column much wider than the other two.

    Middle column first with full width, own row
    The other two columns, each half-width, on the same row

    All columns on their own rows.

    As a workaround I could try to use a block style for the grid block and the breakpoints myself. But having this option in editor IMHO is much better.

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  • Plugin Contributor simo_m


    Hi there,

    right now if not possible but this is something we already have planned to include in the future.

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions.



    @simo_m: First of all, this grid block is really great. It is fully customizable, the order can be adjusted and it got an intuitive UI.

    So after some further thought, I think that this kind of custom behaviour belongs indeed into a block style for the grid block. So I will define a new block style for the grid block and add CSS to change the structure and order of the grid areas.

    @simo_m: Grid sections should allow classes! Currently grid section blocks got no classes in editor.

    Also the grid sections and areas got no predictable class like wp-block-grid-section and wp-block-grid-area. And there is a wrapper DIV around the grid areas used that also got an unpredictable class.

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