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    I’m new to wordpress and programming at all, and i just can’t get how to make products go horizontal… I’ve modified theme to allow the menu section in wordpress console and made it go horizontal some how(0_o).

    I’ve tried some ways from another threads but it didn’t change anything. I tried to make theme wider and it didn’t work too.

    any suggestions?

    btw im using MAMP as temporary host.

    Also, i have an extra space between products and title! and thats what i see using firebug in that extra space :

    <section class="type-page page-143 id-143 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-151 id-151 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-159 id-159 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-156 id-156 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-165 id-165 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-134 id-134 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-153 id-153 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-146 id-146 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-149 id-149 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-163 id-163 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-161 id-161 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-167 id-167 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-136 id-136 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-138 id-138 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-131 id-131 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-123 id-123 item show-content">
    <section class="type-page page-127 id-127 item show-content">

    [Moderator Note: Please post code & markup between backticks or use the code button. Your posted code may now have been permanently damaged by the forum’s parser.]

    Ive got no idea what to do..
    Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.

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  • Theme Author Aubrey Portwood


    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “products” as the Hro theme doesn’t have any products.

    I also don’t know what you mean by “I’ve modified theme to allow the menu section in WordPress console and made it go horizontal some how”. What is the WordPress console, are you talking about the Dashboard?

    Please be more specific, include some links, and screenshots, and I might be able to help you out.

    I know that it has no products but im using woocommerce plugin and yes, i meant dashboard.

    Default menu was vertical and comes after clicking the ‘triangle’ button.

    Thats what i added in header.php to add menu at dashboard

    <?wp_nav_menu( array(
        'theme_location' => 'primary-menu', // Setting up the location for the main-menu, Main Navigation.
        'menu_class' => 'dropdown', //Adding the class for dropdowns
        'container_id' => 'navwrap', //Add CSS ID to the containter that wraps the menu.
        'fallback_cb' => 'wp_page_menu', //if wp_nav_menu is unavailable, WordPress displays wp_page_menu function, which displays the pages of your blog.
        )) ?>

    There are screenshots that should describe my problems if you need anything else to clarify just say!

    id like to gice u a link to the site but its on mamp unfortunately

    thank you!

    Theme Author Aubrey Portwood


    Are you using this theme? Goto and click preview to confirm. Because your screenshots are of another theme it seems.

    Theme Author Aubrey Portwood


    If you are modifying the Hro theme, I’m not sure I can help you with this. I can help you with using the Hro theme as I designed/coded it, but if you are modifying it for other uses, I won’t be able to help you in that case as that is beyond that of support and is more in line with customization.

    Yes, i’m using hro, i’ve chosen hro cuz it seemed to me easy to modify ,but now i realize that it was a mistake. And i guess i ain’t gonna meet the deadline.

    I’m sorry for disturb.


    Theme Author Aubrey Portwood


    Sorry, but I can only offer support for Hro as it is. I can maybe offer some plugin suggestions, etc. But I can’t offer support for new customizations, that falls under hiring someone to help you customize a theme.

    Theme Author Aubrey Portwood


    But, for anyone who reaches this, I do have plans, eventually, to add custom menu support to Hro. See

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