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Grid-Like Theme?

  • Does anyone know a theme that has a layout similar to notcot.org? I really think this grid layout is fresh and would love to see how one is made so I can start writing my own….. I’m new to this so I have no idea how this would be accomplished!


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  • notcot.org doesn´t use blueprint or 960-grid. both grids are center aligned. you should get thematic. you can develope a child-theme for thematic and make use of the provided grid. don´t ask me for help. you´ll have to learn this yourself, but i promise that it´s pretty easy.

    thematic looks cool…. I’ve never seen that before. I’ll do some playing in a sandbox tonight and see what I can come up with. I appreciate it. I’m not going to wholesale lift from notcot.org…. I just want to use a similar grid system for my posts.

    is notcot.org using a custom cms?

    ? don´t know…



    Haven’t found any that do the job but noticed on twitter that you can custom order one that’s the same as notcot from iwantthiswebsite.com (dig around in the install section examples and you’ll see similar themes i.e. MLP) Install TDO Miniforms onto the site you get if you want user submissions and your away 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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