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  • Hi Zul,

    i have few question about grid lay out setting for the post page.
    1. i put posts page separated with front page (static front page). my question is how to create another page with grid lay out display, it’s look like the page that i setting as posts page?

    2. Because i put separated, the front page and posts page (static front page, on the front page, come up the tittle on the body as the same on menu, i.e : Menu Home, down the menu “the body area” also show up “home” title as well. my question is how i could remove the letter “home” in body of front page

    3. on “footer widget area”, i use “text” widget for some information, but the “enter” or the “space” for the text, it doensn’t work. how i could fix it this?
    for example : on widget “text”, display like this:
    Contact: Main Office: Address :
    but i want to make like this
    Contact :
    Main Office :
    Address :

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  • Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your queries.

    As for 1: I’ve just become aware that the grid part of the blog feed does not appear on the blog page – will put out a fix asap for this.

    2: Unfortunately due to the way the parent theme is coded it would not be possible to remove the page title via CSS without impacting on post titles too – the only alternative I can think of right now would be to use a function to override the titles on pages. I’ll investigate this further and if at all possible I’ll include the function in a future update.

    3: You’ll need to use some html to format the content of the text widget – for line breaks use <br/>

    Hope that helps address your queries.


    Hi Zul,

    thank you so much for the information. it’s really help so much.
    anyway, i just up-date new version of sequel them, i wonder what the new things inside the new version.

    i have one question, how to make the page landing more width, because the standard of the page for the “text area” is small and too much space from the sidebar. how i could make more width

    best regards,
    alex chandra

    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello Alex,

    All changes made to the theme can be found via the changelog file – for the current version the link is:

    To change the content width I’d recommend checking out the Fourteen Extended plugin which adds extra options for both the default theme and Sequel.

    Hope that helps.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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