• Dear All,
    I have searching for about a day to find an appropriate solution to my issue.
    I’ve read thousands of posts, articles, and tested about 5-6 different plugins, and I don’t understand why it seems so complicated to do the following….

    Basically I would like to be able to launch “Lightbox Galleries” from a single image, or Album Cover.

    On the link attached, you will 8 logos.
    I’d like to open 8 different Lightbox Galleries, when clicking on each logo. (of course each gallery containing different pictures)

    I am ok to buy a plugin if needed… as long as the price is reasonable. (no monthly or yearly subscriptions plugins)

    But what I’m not ok to buy something, test it and see it doesn’t work.

    If someone has a solution for me, or a Plugin Idea. I’m all ears!
    Many thanks in advance!


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Have you tried this plugin:


    It seems good for you.

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    Hi, thank you for suggesting this plugin.
    So I have just tried it.. but unfortunately, it doesn’t do the job.
    It works as a simple lightbox gallery, but doesn’t regroup images under 1 thumbnail photo.

    Any other ideas?
    Thank you so much !

    Thread Starter istef8


    Hi again…
    Just wondering if anyone has other ideas on how I can find a way to create these Lightbox Galleries from clickable images ?

    Thanks in advance !

    It is not easy to find something out there that is exactly what you want. If your images still not working very well, send me email at cancms@163.com I can make some customization on the plugin for you.

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