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Grid-A-Licious Modifying anyone?

  • Hi!

    I am a noob at the world of “wordpressing” but i have a basic knowledge (and a healthy common sense..) and recently i opened my own WP based website and installed the great Grid-A-Licious theme from Suprb.

    Basically, the theme is great but there are some things in it i would like to upgrade/change – yet since I’m new to WP, i don’t really know where to start.

    the main changes i want to make are to add a costum graphic header of my logo and change the navigation from a drop down menu to a normal menu (these two features can be seen here)

    another change i thought of making (instead of the menu seen on the previous linked website) is a sidebar menu (which can be seen here)

    Can anybody help or refer me somewhere so i can understand how these modifications can be done?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • hello? is there anybody out therer? REALY NEED YOUR HELP!

    Hello! 🙂 There are lots of people here, but instead of asking a simple question, you are kind of asking for somebody to do a load of web design for you…

    Sounds like you need to learn some html and css, and a great place to start since you are using WordPress is by Stepping Into Templates.

    I did’nt ask for anyone to do the work for me, i have a basic understanding of code and a healthy common sense, so what i really wanted is a general answer/direction where to start or a reference to another website and i would have figure it out already…

    and btw, i have seen in my life some nice people who were generous enough to give a few minutes of their time and post a code just to help someone out (and as i already said, I’m not expecting it, I’m only searching for a general advice, since this theme is a bit different and unique)

    anyway, thanks for the link cryoncrisis (-:

    another change i thought of making (instead of the menu seen on the previous linked website) is a sidebar menu (which can be seen here)

    This is my website. The sidemenu you see on the left is a part of the Indexhibit CMS I’m using, and the gridalicious theme is just placed in an i-frame on the right. But I’m glad it came off looking as a one coherent site:)

    Hope that helps a bit:)

    thank you for the help twentyfour!
    but i can’t see any link to your site…



    Haha, well you linked my site in your first post.



    Double post.

    Howdy guys,

    I’ve been looking for the Grid-a-licious theme. Would anyone be able to send it to me? I can’t find it anywhere. My email is ben[at]hibbleton.com. Thanks.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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