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  • OK, new-fresh install everything
    trying to use grid-a-licious theme

    if i upload media.php as instructed it breaks the entire istallation:
    error =
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_embed_register_handler() in /homepages/42/d21011580/htdocs/simiant/wp-includes/default-embeds.php on line 33

    any ideas?

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  • Yep. Same here.
    Maybe the theme is for an older
    WP version…

    Can it be fixed?

    i’m afraid the only way to fix it is to re-write the media.php to make it work with 2.9.x

    actually this is a major shortcoming of the grid-a-licious theme in general, because it uses a modified core file. so everytime you upgrade your wordpress installation, you have to manually edit the media.php again and hope that it is still working afterwards. so even if it is updated to work with 2.9, there might be another problem once 3.0 is out. bummer, really.

    Does anyone know what the additional functionality in the media.php is?
    Is it portable so we can put it in a plugin or add it in an other way?

    Not 100% but i think this is the key stuff in the media.php file that is different (line 664):

    if ( $width < "440" ) { $new_width = "200"; $theClass = "eachpost "; }
    				else if ( $width < "660" ) { $new_width = "430"; $theClass = "eachpost twocols"; }
    					else { $new_width = "660"; $theClass = "eachpost threecols"; }

    hey just did the same amssive mistake and tried having wp 2.9 with gridalicious. did anyone figure out how to rewrite the code in media php file? just want to be updated on success

    If anyone can let me know how to get grid-a-licious to work on wordpress 3.0 it would be greatly appreciated. Or is it possible to revert back to an older wordpress and get it to work that way?


    Ånyone fix this?
    Same problem here with 3.1 version 🙁

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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