• Yesterday, I gave a tip about using greybox. Now! Im thinking later, thats a nice plugin to use, but now it comes. It doesnt wanna do anything.

    Is there someone who is using it, and have some tips/advise?

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  • Oke, its working on my mainsite now. Now Im working it out for WP.


    Can you please tell, where did you get Greybox plugin. I actually had downloaded greybox 1.9 plugin from http://www.worldlingo.com/, it is missing .php file. And in absence of this file, I can not activate it. I have written comments on the main site many time, but the comment doest not appear. I think, they have disabled comments. I had further written an email to the author, but there is no reply.

    Could you help me getting this nice plugin working.

    Hi Rok,

    I dont have the greybox plugin but another version of the script.

    Greybox is working perfectly on WP now as wel on my Blog.
    look at http://red-star.nl/blog and click on the link Launch Google.

    People who wants to use it can e-mail me!


    I have just clicked the above URL, it has quite pleasent look & feel. Please check your email, I have requested therein.

    Oke Rok, Found your mail!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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