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  • The checkbox “Can user edit this field” in the edit field dialog controls whether or not the profile owner’s edit mode has non-editable fields, but it doesn’t control whether other roles’ edit mode has inactive/grayed-out fields. I would like to make a form that has inactive/grayed-out fields in edit mode for roles that are not the profile owner.

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    Hello @chronosphere

    Thank you for contacting our support.

    At the current version, this feature is not available. If you have set a user role to be able to edit others profile, they will be able to edit everything a profile owner can update.

    Ultimate member does not have this feature built in but you can try some custom javascript to achieve your requirement.


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    Is there a hook of some sort that can access field properties such as the “Can user edit this field” property? I essentially need someone to point me in the right direction regarding code I will be writing.

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    Hi @chronosphere

    Sorry for the late response.

    You can use this filter hook to modify the Field settings before it gets rendered:

    add_filter("um_get_form_fields","um_080822_form_fields", 100 );
    function um_080822_form_fields( $arr ){
       // Do something with $arr
       return $arr;


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    How can I figure out what the structure of $arr is? In the past, I’ve just had to guess that certain filter hook variables were nested arrays, but that was sheer luck. Is there documentation on how $arr is structured?

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