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gregs high performance seo compromised

  • I had the latest version of Gregs High Performance SEO installed on 3.2.1. First of August, my site got hacked. This page was one of those attacked for the rewrite capability. ghpseo-writing.php. The hacker used obfuscated code at the top of the page to trigger a massive page load into the Google index with my site name attached to his junk pages.

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  • Nothing in the plugin on SVN has anything going on. It’s more likely your SERVER was compromised via insecure permissions and/or passwords, and that was the file they chose to exploit.


    Read http://codex.wordpress.org/FAQ_My_site_was_hacked

    My hosting company of course says their server is secure and that site security is my responsibility. I use a very good paid security service to protect my WP installs.

    genshop.org was the hacker as best I can determine. I suspect this person(s) chooses sites that are popular in Google to use as his targets. That way he will get more hits on his junk pages.

    genshop.org is a totally closed site. No pages showing, the robots.txt file is protected from viewing by the .htaccess file. It is currently registered with Domains by Proxy (a godaddy subsidiary) and hosted on wild, wild west (another godaddy subsidiary).

    Googling genshop.org yields some interesting info. Quite a few other people are and have been tracking this site.

    correction genshop.org is registered out of Nassau, Bahamas. asseenontvhq.com the site the hacked pages were redirecting to is protected by Domains by Proxy and hosted on wildwestdomains.

    I use a very good paid security service to protect my WP installs.


    Are you, perchance, using the TimThumb plugin, or a theme that uses it?

    (Site security is your responsibility, and partly why I lock my site down so I can’t use the WP auto upgrade – Only way to upgrade my WP is to log in via FTP or SSH)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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