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  • Hello Everybody, from MirandaSoft International… MCRS Philippines and MirandaSoft Computer Services.
    Presently, I’m running four (4) wordpress sites on my server ( and one WordPress site ( is the flagship site for the other four wordpress sites.
    I’ve been tweaking the themes, off and on, embedding code, while keeping a minimal set of plugins.
    Lately, I’ve been communicating with the writer of Events Calendar about List view errors, and finally, corrected the problem.
    I use an Apple iBook G4 and is hosted by a Mac server ( Posting is done (better) with Firefox, but viewing is best with Apple Safari, and I don’t know why.
    Over a year ago, i chose to use WordPress over Joomla, and have been thinking about phpBB as a replacement to WordPress, but I’m very familiar with the operations of WordPress.
    Everyone is welcomed to visit WordPress sites. Please give me constructive advice on the sites, and please avoid any negativity. If you are one of WordPress writers or a writer of a plugin that I’m using, I would be happy to hear from you.
    Anyways, Have a nice day, everybody!

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