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  • This is very cool. Thank you all very much.
    I have been using b2 (last upgraded to 0.6.1) for a long time, and I have been totally satisfied with its functionality. I have been curious about trying wordpress to check out some of its newer features for a while now, but have been too chicken to mess with a working system.
    Finally bit the bullet. Backed up the databases. Copied the existing b2* tables to wp_trial_* (not too many, just 5 or so, so used a rather rudimentary CREATE TABLE newtable AS SELECT * FROM oldtable) and then upgraded those.
    Then followed the installation documentation, and it was done. Small issues, but a 0.6.1 to a 1.01 jump without anything majorly horrible going on was much more than I imagined.
    I repeat. This is very cool. Thank you all very much.

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  • Welcome to WordPress, wahgnube! Glad you were able to get things up and running. Visit the forums often for tips, tricks, hacks and all kinds of fun stuff. If you have ideas or suggestions or questions about anything, be sure to post them as well.
    Have fun!

    Generally looking into it. I needed to ask the obvious question relating to setting up “static” pages. But did a few searches and found drupal style URI aliasing tips. So need to implement that sometime. And that is one less question to ask. That, plus the editing permalinks using mod_rewrite seems good.
    I prefer my older b2 template’s popup style commenting box. Need to fix that. But then again, I’ve been looking around templates to see how things are done, so that is one further less question to ask.
    So I guess, I am currently only curious as to who uses blog via email? How often is it that someone has access to a computer, the internet, a mail client… but not a browser?
    Unless the purpose it serves is very different, and I am totally wrong.

    Uh, yeah, blogging by mail…. haven’t figured out that one either, except maybe in two cases. 1) via text msg from a mobile phone. 2) You got an email from someone and want to post it, click forward, punch in the info, smash the Send button. No need to fire up the browser, login to WP, copy, post, etc.

    Blogging by email is very important in most cases of mobile blogging where you pay for time connected and not for traffic – for example, in cases of GSM-data connections. When you travel a lot, you end up in fixes like this all the time. Typing a blog posting online turns out prohibitively expensive.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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