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  • I’ve put my own green stamp on the ShadedGrey theme from Sadish at I also nicked the background from PhotoMatt, it’s such a pleasing green.

    It’s my first attempt at CSS, and have had some help from the forum members on a few questions. Thanks guys.

    I’d like an overall opinion but also, do you think the green-to-yellow gradient sidebars look out of place? I personally like them, they add a little color and somewhat match the background. But I thought it might look strange since I used the same PS effect on the header, footer, and post headers.

    Thanks guys, love this program. Also using Coppermine for my photo gallery, open source rocks. 😀


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  • Do you think it would help if I posted a link to it?

    Looks, well, green!

    30 visited and only two comments. Is it that bad? 🙁

    7miles, could you do me a favor? Tell me what color the text is on the blog? Someone commented that they couldn’t see the grey text very well against the green background. But I only see black text

    most of your text is black but under the categories section there are some grey text.

    nice green , i like your green .. nice modifying.. looks clean

    I think the buttons on the right don’t quite go with the background and title images…. maybe you could try using some of the same tints of green instead of many different tints?

    I’m answering questions and giving comments while hoping very hard that somebody will answer my question. 🙂 You’ve got to give to get, right? 😛

    Thanks guys, truly.

    joey, I see what you mean now, the caption on the top left side where I see things like “Archived Posts from this Category” and “Monthly Archive”. I’ll have to change it when I get home. Thanks!

    fernashes, I’m just starting out myself so I don’t have much to contribute but I’ll look for your post. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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