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  • Looks very nice, one minor pet peeve of mine, though…

    Your site says valid xhtml, but it’s not. Of course, they’re all very minor, and most people wouldn’t care. But I just think if someone’s gonna flash the badge, better back it up. 😉

    Is everything there just links to other sites/tutorials? If you’re offering this theme to people, it would be nice to see what a normal post would look like, maybe 5 paragraphs or so…blockquotes, lists, etc. Just a thought. 🙂

    Oh yeah, loving the bird on the bottom…and I usually hate birds! lol. But it’s a nice touch.

    When searching, your sidebar is missing.

    Ups, thanks techwench, I was so in a hurry to finish everything that I forgot to check the XHTML validation after the final modifications. OK, it’s all nice and compliant now 😉 Theme in action and installed theme screenshot . Keep in mind that the site is not a demo for the theme, therefore not all features from the theme are available on the site. You can see how blockquotes and lists look like in the screenshot.
    PS: Glad you liked the bird 😉

    PPS: XeroCool, this theme was made so that it served our needs, we didn’t find necessary to include the sidebar on the other pages. Those who want it can include it later. 😉

    Aah. Nice screenshot! Nothing against the other site (since that’s what you needed there, and it works for you), but the screenshot looks much better. 🙂

    Phew, good thing you like it. It’s a big moment, I think you are the theme’s first official admirer ;).

    quite nice, simple layout but i think the choice of colours and the easy-on-the-eyes design is pretty nice. it’s a lot more fun than some of the themes i’ve seen which are often grey and dull without any real definiton.

    good stuff mate

    Well, before any of you notice it, I noticed myself a bug, and repaired it. In the Theme Viewer it’s visible that the theme did not accept titles longer than 200px.
    Now it’s ok, and you can find it in the same place . Also I’d like to thank you for adding it there.

    PS. I’d also like to thank Jinsan for the nice comment he wrote.

    Reloaded your theme webact. Very nice too, I might add 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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