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  • There is an image and although its in cpanel theme//image direstory I can’t get it to show, just a red ‘X’.

    What image where? In Presentation -> Themes?

    that directory you mentioned, you mean wp-content/themes/YourThemesName right?

    Maybe this will help clarify things: Using_Themes

    Hya HandySolo,

    There is a red x on the first page where the image should be. I need to know how to set out the code I gave as I believe my image code should go in that code.

    There is a red x on the first page where the image should be

    I’m sorry, I’m probably being slow here, but what first page and what image?

    On your blog? The header image (which I see when viewing your blog)?

    Oh – is the question: How do I change the header graphic?

    you were missing the “/” before the images. I think you already found out about that.


    Hello Sadish,

    Its really nice of you to find the time to call by WP and help.

    I have been reading at your site quite a lot in recent days lol trying to learn this PHP stuff.

    I am having trouble with the header where it all goes. As you said on your site this does’nt work: its a 404 so I need to read up some about that error.

    My main proble now is the side bar has shifted center in the text box. I have tried to correct to no avail.

    I would also like the footer to be the same green as the header.

    Thanks for your help and the theme, its beautiful Sadish! Very kind of you to add it to the free themes.

    Found the problem with the sidebar..:D

    Now for the green color for the footer then I can post till I drop lol
    Thanks again Sadish!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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