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  • Your site looks more gray then green, so off the top of my head, I’d reverse the colors. Or get rid of the gray altogether. To me, gray is sort of the polar opposite of green. Green represents nature, gray represents cities and pollution.

    After all, your site is called and not

    nice blog, its simple and looks very clean. Like the picture on the side, may be you should put a read more link under it and link it to your about us page.

    @cyberquill, i could not find any gray’s, its light green at my end, or dev has already changed gray to green 🙂

    The background is still a dark gray at my end, almost the exact same gray as the banner of the WP-page we’re on right now. Certainly not a light green.

    Very nice!

    My only advice would be to spice up your logo. It looks… a little bland compared to the rest of the site.

    Perhaps use a different font?

    @cyberquill, i would call it light black, and really i like it, and am sure wordpress likes it too, else they wouldn’t have kept it on the banner 😛

    A green environmental website doesn’t have to look too green or all green I actually like the green accents on the light black.

    What the site needs though is a really good logo or logotype.

    @directorysieve, gray is gray, whether you can call it a light black or a dark white. And I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with the color itself. It all depends on quantity and context.

    @archondigital, I agree that an environmental website doesn’t have to look “too green” or “all green.” But if an environmental website looks predominantely one color, IMHO it shouldn’t be gray, as gray is what I associate with a dirty city, not nature. And as much as I’d love to think of myself as special and unique in my perceptions, chances are I am not. Thus it stands to reason that other people looking at that site will have the same association.

    Also consider that many folks, myself included, use widescreens, in which case the background gray here becomes rather dominant.

    Thanks for all the feedback! I’ll try out a few more background colors / textures and see if I can find something that matches a little better. Thinking about a blue tone or wood texture.

    Obviously everything hasn’t been adjusted, but this should give a rough idea. Do people like these options better than the current look?

    Wood texture:

    Blue Tone:

    I like the wood texture

    I hate to be the wet blanket at the party, but the wood looks more like synthetic paneling than real wood. Reminds me of a paint store. And I don’t like the blue either.

    Given the name of the company, I might just take a pic of a sassafras and set it as the background image. Like this, for example. It’s real green and vibrant.

    @cyberquill, you are not the wet blanket here, actually the image you posted looks lot better than the wood one above, and i never really like blue for a background, looks dull 🙁

    @cyberquill no you are right the particular wood texture is not the right fit.

    I must say, going with a wood texture, wood panel coincides that you are a building company and I do believe you can get a better wood texture than that.

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys!

    @cyberquill Using the actual sassafras image is an interesting idea. It would mean completely redoing the header colors and adjusting for all browser sizes- but may look good. I like the idea of using something natural.

    I’m going to revisit the site in a few weeks when we do our SEO tune-ups etc. So, I’ll post another link if we go with a change.

    Thanks again.

    I agree with cyberquill regarding the gray. Personally, I love gray for the right site but there are so many better choices for this one.

    However, I don’t love image backgrounds either. To me, it’s very passe and can make a site way too busy. Perhaps if you could make it more like a watermark, then maybe…

    To keep it simple, just change the color to an earth tone. Use a shade of brown, which would go nicely with the green logo, headings, and accents you’re already using.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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