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[Resolved] Greek language and WordPress..

  • Hello, i hope i am posting in the right place and thanks in advance for your help…

    I want to have a WordPress installation in which the admin environment remains in English but in which i can output Greek posts and pages which can be seen normally/in Greek characters by the readers etc… I also want to have the urls of the pages in Greek showing like Greek characters so that my site can be search engine friendly…

    I also wonder, is there a way to have Greek spell-checking for my posts ?

    I also would like to do this without any plug-ins please!

    PLEASE let me know if this is all possible and what i need to do to make it happen!

    Your help is much appreciated indeed!

    With Warmest Wishes,

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  • Hi cielle,

    There is a Greek WordPress user community at WPMania.gr

    The folks there should be able to help you with this issue, although I’m not positive that this can be done with no plugins. Take a look at this page for help on the specific language you are using (Greek in this case).


    thanks Henry, i am looking into that forum and have posted there as well and am waiting on a reply, i just need clear instructions from someone, a tutorial or something about how to do this and i assumed that it would be the same for changing all languages ( what steps to take etc… ) and so i thought that here would for sure have more users and therefore more people who may know and be able to explain to me exactly what to do… I am also more comfortable typing and getting instuctions in English…

    So anyone who can help, I am still looking for help with this…

    While you may wait for experienced ML users, a good reading of this may help:

    Hi cielle,

    This link will also help you manually install a language into WordPress:

    ok, i just got a reply on the Greek site so i am going to look into that , so no need for replies here unless someone really has something amazing to tell me… i don’t want to tire anyone out… I will post here again if i need more help… thank you! ♥

    Thanks a lot Henry and Krishna, i just saw your further replies, i will check both links out, thanks a lot! ♥

    Henry thanks, for the WPMania.gr and cielle what a nice name, thank you too because I first saw your post

    thank you neufelt, how nice of you to say…. xx

    Hi Cielle, can you please post the link to the Greek site thread? I have an English WordPress installation that has 95% of the posts in English, but requires about 5% of the posts to be in Greek or part English and part Greek. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

    Hey pmitchum, from memory it wasn’t especially helpful, i ended up changing webhosts to a Greek webhost and so when i installed WordPress it was automatically installed in Greek language…

    It seemed to be the important thing/essential that the servers ran on unicode utf-8 , otherwise it would not render the Greek characters properly and my up till then Canadian webhost ran on “latin1_swedish” or something like that ( although the host should be able to change that if you need/ask them to – if there is a problem with Greek characters showing up… )

    I also decided to make my Greek pages/posts urls be in Greeklish ( Greek words spelled out phonetically using latin/English characters ) because otherwise all links on facebook and some other places to my urls showed up encoded and looked really strange and undecipherable…

    So i hope this info helps, if you have anything more specific you need help with let me know and if i can help i will…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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