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  • Since I went multisite with my 3 webpages, the server on which I host my sites is constantly going down.

    Of the 3 websites one is a blog using quite a lot of plug-ins, the other one is a relatively simple site and the third is HTML only.

    Originally I had 150MB of RAM and 15 processes assigned. When I was still on single WP installation for the blog and separate HTML website (the third one didn’t exist yet), I had no such problems.

    Since I went multisite I upped my RAM allotment by 150MB, but it still keeps crashing.

    The traffic didn’t go up much and it’s still very low.

    I asked my provider and he said wp-cron.php accessed the server 8300 times and admin-ajax.php 6300 times today by 2PM.

    Anyone has any ideas what can cause this ?
    The only plug-in I installed after going multisite is ‘BWP Google XML Sitemaps’.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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