• What an incredible level of arrogance. Just 3 lines of code for making the boxes the same size is a premium option. Holy fuck. I know that authors of WP plugins are greedy and milking money from everything but sometimes it’s very cool to purchase premium option if it’s worth it and as some kind of “thank you” for author. Here we have pure greed in it’s chemically destilled form.

    In addition, there is a description stating that the plugin has no time limit for use. Holy fuck x2. Shortcode cannot cope with add-ons such as Elementor, making editing incredibly inconvenient – the block does not appear ready in Elementor editor, but as plain text with an added icon. It takes so much space during writing posts and works simply very bad.

    Additionally, the plugin does not have good support for mobile devices, causing half of the “length” of the screen to be payment options, instead of horizontally flipping the prices to make whole block smaller and more intuitive.

    Only plus for it? It works.

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