• Our email system has been through many different companies trying to get out of spam folders and into the inbox. all of them said they guaranteed results. but the only results were to be listed on spam lists because of shared IP address or entire IP blocks being listed and we just happen to be in a bad IP network.

    once we started using Tribulant our numbers to the inbox almost quadrupled because we were using our own server and not a service. And after their support team showed us how our site was slow and how to fix it, along with the updates they have helped us with regarding our send rate issues, i couldn’t be happier with the software or their service.

    we have even transferred from our old hosting service to tribulants hosting for a much faster and flexible system then our old expensive “daddy”.

    as to the software itself… its very flexible and has many features that more expensive services do not have.

    the ability to use your hosting server or an external smtp server for sending makes it useable if you already have a SMTP service you send through.

    the bounce and unsubscribe features are automatic when setup correctly and make you fully compliant with the BIG 4 mail services (gmail, aol, hotmail, and yahoo) along with all the rest as far as removal of unhappy recipients.

    The Newsletter Creator is simple to learn and use as well as fully customizable to make it look and feel like a part of your website…or be something completely new each mail you send.

    the mailing lists being a separate list than the website user list was a major factor for us but its ability to link to a site user would be very useful in others cases.

    stuff i haven’t even got to tinker with yet are the ability to customize the sign up and list management pages for the subscribers. or the subscription to multiple lists for different send rates (day/week/month) or products or whatever…

    and the cost makes it a tool that can grow as you do and not kill your bank account just to try.

    and the MANY more features i haven’t list here, are the reason im leaving this long review.

    I hope this helps someone make a decision… because Tribulant helped us, Im sure they could help you.

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  • Plugin Author Tribulant Software


    @vagtech – Thank you so much for your favourable review. We deeply appreciate it and we’re exceedingly glad to see you content with both our Newsletter plugin and hosting. Having a dedicated IP address has definitely helped you :).

    We do our best to price fairly and also offer lifetime pricing (not many companies offer that, sadly).

    Thanks again!

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