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  • Well, once I decided to jump into the world of ultimate blogging, I decided I wanted to pick the best software for bloggers. I’m kinda of a n00b when it comes to having my own personal blog, but I’m quickly learning. Now, there are some times when I fell the urge to get rid of WordPress and get Movable Type, because thats what all the ultimately popular sites have (Dean and some others), but then again, is it worth it? I’m staying with WordPress, and its brand new, so who knows what features will be rolling out that will make WordPress better than Movable Type.
    I love WordPress, even with its little bugs! I know it’s going to get better with the new releases. 🙂
    Thank you developers for making such good blogging software.

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    Thank you for using it.

    Let me just chip in and praise you guys again. It bears repeating 🙂

    I never tought it could be so easy to put up a blog. The wp-install amazed me when i ran it – i was prepared to take a heavy beating installing, since i know zero about PHP and all. When i saw the web interface i couldn’t believe.
    Thank you and congratulations on your work.

    I must agree with everyone so far on this post 🙂 wordpress rocks! I installed it in less than 5 minutes and I was good to go.

    I’ve been researching blogs for a few months now, before deciding to go with WP. Actually, I tried to install both WP and MT, but couldn’t get mt to install properly.
    I was very pleased how easy the installation for WP was…took about 20 minutes, and my knowledge of php/databases/blogs is slim. The code is poetry. Very easy to understand, I skinned my blog to match my main website in about an hour.
    I just wanted to stop in here, and say thanks to the developers 🙂

    hallelujah to WP!

    Guys… u can’t belive , i tried around 20 blogging tools before i settled with WP. It’s so easy to customize. Great work and PHP is the way to go !

    I love my WP!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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