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  • So I downloaded this because I needed to manage over 7 (and growing) WP sites. All I needed was something that could show me which sites needed updating, and a 1-click process to do it all. And this was FREE!! It seemed like a no-brainer, and too good to be true.

    Well…it is.

    WP Remote has worked beautifully for the most part, and has save me a TON of time.
    But then one of my site’s clients was wondering why he was getting no response to a recent sale he announced on his site — and when he went to go check, he realized his store was gone completely! That’s because the WooCommerce plugin had been deactivated somehow.

    Then I realized I had just updated WooComerce through WP Remote 2 days prior. I hoped it was just a one-time glitch, but then another client said he was trying to add a new Event on his site, and that the Events page was missing. Lo and behold, the Events plugin had been updated via WP Remote a few days prior. But worse than being deactivated, the plugin was DELETED completely!! Luckily it was one of those plugins that doesn’t fully remove its data even when deleted, or else I would have been screwed (there was a week old backup, but that would have negated everything that had happened on the site since — which was a LOT).

    I was lucky those two times, and (hopefully) it didn’t mess things up too much for people visiting those sites — but it could have been a lot worse. Unfortunately, it’s made me not be able to trust WP Remote at all. Now if I use it, I have to double-check all of my sites again to make sure nothing’s been deactivated or deleted, which completely negates the time-saving peace-of-mind feeling this plugin initially gave me.

    I tried to contact the developers, but…no response after several days. It may be free, and sound good, but it could be potentially quite dangerous. Proceed with caution….

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  • The same thing just happened to me. I signed up for this to test it out, hoping I could recommend it to my blog’s readers. But on the very first test, instead of updating a plugin, it deleted it. That was the Contact Form 7 plugin. I’m just glad I ran the test with a single plugin on a single site before testing mass updates.

    I am using infiniteWP for more than 6 months now and it does fantastic job, managing more that 50 sites from a single dashboard! It never has failed so far and saved me many hours of manual labor.

    That’s awesome for you. I’m glad you didn’t get hit by this problem. But it’s still an incredibly important problem for others to know about. Unfortunately you won’t know if you’re one of the lucky ones until you try it.

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