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    They make a great tool that has really helped my clients up until this point.
    Now that everything randomly stopped working and not being able to receive any support from CartFlows I haven’t been able to use the tool at all.

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    As the co-founder of CartFlows, we take any and all feedback seriously.

    I am surprised to hear about you being “unable to receive any support”. We respond to all tickets within 1 hour to 24 hours. The only exception is on weekends and holidays, but many times I am personally in the help desk helping on my weekends and my holidays.

    So I did some digging into our help desk to find your support interactions and the dates associated. I was able to find 2 interactions:

    Email Ticket Opened October 8th 6:57am
    – We looked into it at 10:59pm (16 hours later) and responded 1hour and 5 minutes later
    – We have not received a response

    Please keep in mind that we can’t resolve a problem caused by a theme or plugin conflict without a login to your website.

    Facebook Messenger Opened October 7th 4:08am
    – We responded at 9:14am (5 hours later) requesting access to your site to fix the problem. This was the end of our support staff’s day
    – You responded 6 minutes later saying that you don’t want to provide a login. Please understand that an issue like this is not caused by CartFlows, but rather something installed on the website or your theme. The only way we can effectively resolve the issue is by logging into the website.
    – October 8th National Holiday
    – You responded again on the 8th (understandably)
    – We responded on the 9th at 12:26am
    – We have not received a response
    * It appears that our help desk tool may have had an issue with the response on the 9th at 12:26am, but we essentially sent the same response to your inbox 90 minutes prior from your ticket.

    Now when looking at all the dates and times, I am not seeing anything deserving of the criticism of “Awful Support”. Sure I can understand the few extra hours wait because of the holiday as frustrating. But we would have resolved your issue in the very beginning if there was a way for us to log into your website to troubleshoot.

    I understand not wanting to have someone log into your website, but for certain issues that is the only way to see what software is the culprit. The issue you reported is not something anyone else has ever reported in the past. This is 99% of the time some random plugin or theme causing the issue since it’s impossible to test CartFlows against the tens of thousands of themes and plugins that are available.

    If you feel like there is anything we could have done better, please email me directly. My username is my email, just add the dot com to the end.

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