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  • Great stuff, really love this thing!

    Always used something similar with Elementor (build in), and really missed it in Gutenberg. So this plugin is just what I was looking for; neat!

    Suggestions for improvement:

    – Easy bulk collapsing/expanding of the options panel (or whatever they’re called)
    – Easier way to switch between block navigation and options panels (separate them?)

    But as said, great plugin; should be part of Gutenberg core!

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  • Plugin Author Alvaro


    Hi Marc,

    Thank you very much for the review, nice comments, and suggestions.

    Could you please expand on the suggestions? With the options panel do you mean the menu that opens when clicking the three dots?


    Thread Starter Marc Bijl



    Some explanation can be used indeed, since I see I used the term ‘options panel’ for 2 different things; my fault… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Easy bulk collapsing/expanding of the options panel (or whatever theyโ€™re called):
    Right now, when I start editing a page, and I open the Block Navigation, all elements are expanded. So the first thing I do, to get some ‘overview’ (especially at large pages, with lots of elements), is collapsing all with the up-arrow-key. In Photoshop I can use a shortcut to collapse all layer groups (the layers and groups in Photoshop are the same idea of the block navigation). So would be nice to have button or shortcut to collapse/expand all elements.

    Easier way to switch between block navigation and options panels (separate them?):
    Right now, I can either see the Block Navigation or the Block settings. I have to switch between them. Because they’re both in the right sidebar. In Elementor (which I have been using for quite some time, but now I switched to Gutenberg), the options of an element are in a sidebar at the left of the window, while the navigation (comparable with Block Navigation) is on the right, and if I’m right can even float around. This way it makes it very easy to click the blocks/elements/widgets in the navigation on the right of the window, and immediately set the options on the left. Without having to switch between them.

    Hope this makes some sense ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Two other suggestions, it would be nice to have options (behind the 3 dots) for:
    – Duplicate block
    – Delete block

    In general, clicking the 3 dots is fine; would be top notch to have the appearing menu behind a right click as well…

    But that’s just nitpicking mate, very happy with your plugin; again it should be part of Gutenberg core! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thread Starter Marc Bijl


    By the way: are you planning to actively maintain this plugin? I think it is a no-brainer for webdevelopers using Gutenberg to install this plugin.

    So thinking about posting about it in some Facebook groups. But that makes only sense if there’s an intention to keep it up to date ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What do you think?

    Plugin Author Alvaro


    Hi Marc,

    Now I understand ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding the first point I see the benefit of what you propose. Possibly an option in the Settings tab to set the default behaviour could help (initially expanded or collapsed). I will give it a thought.

    About the second point the problem I see is that the Block settings panel is a separate sidebar that is in the core functionality of Gutenberg. So I’m not sure trying to emulate or replicate it from the plugin would be the way to go. But I see the issue if editing more than one block:

    1. Click the Block menu
    2. Click Edit
    3. Edit Block
    4. Click the plugin button in the top
    5. Repeat

    I will also think about it.

    Those two options (remove and duplicate) in the plugin as in the editor would be a good addition.

    Sure! If there is any issue please let me know in the WP plugin forum or GitHub. This weekend I will get into it.

    Thanks for the interest!

    Thread Starter Marc Bijl


    Cheers, mate, keep up the good work!

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