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  • ++ Drag-n-drop for reordering and nesting works in a nice look & feel! WordPress would deserve this in its core.

    – Minor bug: Sometimes when dropping an item Z (alone or with children) into another item X it arrives there in the backend but the frontend does not visualize it correctly. X is below Z then, but appears as a sibling instead of a child, meaning it is not indented. Reloading “Pages > All Pages” always resolved this.

    +++ Sync Menu: For me its greatest feature of all! You define the nesting and order only once centrally. The feature “Hide in Nav Menu” per menu item, even allows you to have pages in your hierarchy but hide them from the menu. You can also de-activate this for performance reasons or if you want to decouple page hierarchy from menu hierarchy at a certain moment of your website’s lifecycle! Note you could even duplicate the synced menu with the plugin “Duplicate Menu” as a static menu and then alter the static menu to your liking. That way you don’t have to start from zero.

    +++ “Hide in Nav Menu” as a great way for menu customization by exception

    + “Hide in Nested Pages” hides the item from the plugin’s view as a great possibility to focus on the important stuff and keep low priority content out of sight. A “Show Hidden” filter even allows you to toggle that temporarily. Great to adapt to all use cases!

    ++ “Quick Edit” is a contextual menu for all menu items. It opens a popup with the most important metadata of your pages/posts, including the “Menu label” the “Hide in Nav Menu” checkbox.

    ++ “Add link” allows to add all the types of menu entries which WordPress allows: Post, Page, Category, Custom Link.

    + With “Custom Link” you can achieve that the same page appears in your hierarchical structure more than once, simply by making a custom link, setting the target to /your-page-slug and the navigation label to your liking.

    — You cannot nest into “Custom Link” items
    • The WordPress core menu management allows this!
    • The typical application for this: Have top level menu items which are containers only but not targets (target being set to “” or “#”). Then on touch devices these don’t need that different tap zones “open link” vs. “show sub-menu”.
    • I created a feature request for this.

    – Layout is adaptive but not responsive
    • Both the list view and the popup simply stretches to the available width and its child elements too.
    • On wide screens the contextual action buttons on hover on the right of the row can be very far away from the title on the left
    • The width of the fields just stretch proportionally without any clever min-width. I.e. on smaller screen widths the year field is cut-off despite plenty of whitespace being free in the layout row.
    • I created a for those layout optimizations too.

    Summary: A great plugin to keep an overview of your pages/posts and manage your menu way more efficient!

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