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    Hello, didn’t see any other way to contact you, so here goes. First of all, great theme. I’ve recently taken a liking to Bootstrap for non-cms-developed sites. To add some flexibility with a volunteer project I’m a part of, I wanted those same responsive features for a WordPress site.

    A couple things have struck me so far – such as an option to remove the attribute at the bottom. If I leave the fields blank it still shows the (C). Would also be nice to center-align the attribution text more easily. I suspect I’ll be able to solve both with CSS overrides such as display:none, and some margin/padding trickery.

    Would like to request a 3-column layout.

    Right now the most critical thing for me is to customize the location and look of the navigation menu. I’m looking to have it below the main logo, and jorizontally wrap the content container with a ribbon design. As of now, this would take some custom template modification beyond the CSS overrides (i think, anyway?).

    Anyway, what I look for in these sorts of volunteer projects, and the single biggest reason I’m changing from what we had is the persistence of customization. I’m the only web-savvy person in the group, and if I were to suddenly leave I want to make sure that if the template gets updated, or WordPress goes through a significant update, that restoring the template settings are as easy as copying and pasting code. This is the great thing about the overrides feature, but it looks like I’ll still need to customize a little. This theme provides a lot more flexibility than the last one we had, and aside from the menu location, it appears to meet every other requirement we have.

    Thanks! Will likely highly rate, once I can figure the rest out.

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    Hi, thank you for your comments, glad you liked the theme.
    You’re right, I should probably add an option to completely disable attribution in footer. For now you can simply add display:none like you said, or create a child theme, copy footer.php there and make the file changes.
    As for the centering the text you can simply do:

    p.attribution {
        text-align: center;

    From what I understand, yes you better customize the navigation markup. The current nav is built for 3 column display logo|nav|search. If you want vertical layout such as:

    To do that, create a child theme, copy the header.php there and make the changes accordingly.
    Or if you can just hack it via css:

    .navbar-header,#topmenuwrap {

    But you’ll still probably hack the header.php in order to insert that ribbon on top anyway.

    3-column layout is a no-go for now. With the width adjustments of the columns, things get just too complicated if we are to throw in another in there. I am not saying it’s impossible, but it’s too much trouble for the time being.

    Do you have any problems with Backup / Restore options ? I didn’t test it out extensively, but it should work all right.

    Theme Author eminozlem


    Havent heard from you in over a week, marking as resolved, let me know if you’ve further questions.

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