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Great theme

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  • nice and thanks!

    welcome. even the mobile theme looks good and I’ve given up looking for one that does, as each have their annoyances. the only thing it can’t handle are LinkWithin and maybe Youtube or adsense. pictures scale well. maybe you could strip ads from sites and offer your own ad delivery at the footer?

    LinkWithin is most likely not using flexible widths, YT is good and yes Google Ads don’t come in “Responsive” form yet and it’s against their policy to mess with the codes 🙂

    It’s just that I was using some mobile platform through WordPress, once and they served their own adds, as I recall. They were from India but I can’t recall their site name. just thought that if you offered your own ads as an option it could get around the fact that they don’t size down for mobile. I don’t use them anyway but I do have them on some of my pages from the day when I placed them in manually. I find they don’t convert as well as they used to do to banner blindness or Google skimming off more than they should. £2 one day £0 the next. something ain’t right there, lol. pays for the hosting but nothing to write home about.

    I have some ads on my forum as well, didn’t noticed anything like that, however they’re based on the content you write, mine is pretty much all about web design 🙂

    BTW You have a very nice site, I was once huge on that subject 🙂

    Quite a few people seem to be into their aliens. They’re a good community. Always looking for contributors, if you know of anything my site’s not covering? I just cut and paste anything that interests me. It’s the ancient alien concepts that interest me the most. Too many hoaxers in our modern times, but the advanced methods used in ancient builds leads many people to believe that they may have been assisted by more advanced beings. Probably not, but it’s an interesting concept. Thanks for taking a look. Your praise is much appreciated;)

    You’re very welcome, I’ll check the site over the weekend for sure. My brother and I use to be Astronomer’s back in the days, lots of fun, well anything with that nature is 🙂


    It’s a big place, there’s got to be some aliens out there, somewhere!!

    No doubt 🙂


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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