• I’ve installed and have been using this plugin for about a month now, It works well and I am actively taking and replying to client support requests.

    My only major gripe is that some of the English isn’t 100% but I would like to reach out to the developer to assist in fixing this.

    I also have some suggestions:

    1. It would be great if the user submitting the ticket could add their name as well as their email address.
    2. It would also be useful if the user submitting the ticket could select from a list of departments when they submit their ticket
    3. Finally it would be helpful if the ticket contents where included in the email notification that is sent out

    Otherwise, a great plugin and I look forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength.

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  • Plugin Author Mayeenul Islam


    Thanks for your review. It’s a nice feeling that you are using it solving your customers’ issues. +1

    Any text, you want to edit, and suggest, please feel free to do that in github (it’s open source, you can fork, edit anywhere and can send a pull request):

    If you are not interested in git things, you can mail us at:
    info [at] nanodesignsbd [dot] com

    1. A feature request currently in queue will solve the problem if enabled, I’m referring you to there, if you can suggest any further use-case, we’ll keep those in mind and inshALLAH will in implement any of our future update. Feature Request: https://github.com/nanodesigns/nanosupport/issues/1
    2. Yap, making support department selection public would be nice feature. I added one on your behalf: Feature Request: https://github.com/nanodesigns/nanosupport/issues/2
    3. Ticket content in notification email. Yes, let us think about it. If no problem, it can be implemented. Added another on your behalf: Feature Request: https://github.com/nanodesigns/nanosupport/issues/3

    We’ll look into these things and inshALLAH, if there’s no problem we will add the features in any our future release.

    Plugin Author Mayeenul Islam


    With the release of version 0.2.2 ticket content is added to Email Notification.

    I agree with Jonathan. I just translated this fine plugin into Danish language, but had a few difficulties doing so as the English language is not 100%. That will also be an issue when others will translate to other languages and even worse if the person translating is less technically skilled than others.

    So if anybody with English as their native language could help the author here with a native English translation it would raise the quality even more.

    @Mayeenul Islam, I hope this suggestion is ok…

    Plugin Author Mayeenul Islam


    NanoSupport is still under development in many phases, that’s why we still not released the version 1.0.0. So contributing the plugin is also somewhat critical. We’re working on this too. BTW, in the meantime, you can still fork the plugin on github, can suggest any changes, you think is right for the plugin’s fate. Our team will review and collaborate with you inshALLAH.

    Thanks for your constant support.

    Ok, if anything is needed to support the development, just ask.

    Which filename and folder should be used for the .mo file da_DK.mo ?

    Added it to wp-content > languages folder without any luck ( WP Core runs in Danish on our site )

    Plugin Author Mayeenul Islam


    @nh123 Please check your email 🙂

    Hi, I’m reviewing the translation, and I have to point out a few things – not in regards to the plugin, but to the translations.
    You have to make translations, that will work for everyone, not just for your own use. So you can not use company names anywhere other than the developer.
    And you have to make sure, that you use correct Danish grammar as well as translate content. The most common errors is writing nouns in two words, where they should be combined into one word in Danish; and when doing punctuation always have a single space AFTER the sign, never before.

    Not following these rulkes will result in a rejected translation and even more time waiting for approval.

    Read the Translator’s Handbook and follow the guidelines. They are there for a reason – and based on much experience!

    And keep up the good work, we all profit from it! 🙂

    Just a quick note:
    Sorry, you cannot see your tickets without being logged in.<br><a class="ns-btn ns-btn-default ns-btn-sm" href="%1s" title="Site Login"><span class="ns-icon-lock"></span> Login</a> or <a class="ns-btn ns-btn-default ns-btn-sm" href="%2s" title="Site Registration"><span class="ns-icon-lock"></span> Create an account</a>

    A string like this is very hard to translate. If the programmer can remove all HTML and instead insert them with variables, it is so much easier to handle and the translations will be much more consistent.

    Check out: https://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers

    Plugin Author Mayeenul Islam


    @ellegaarddk thank you for reviewing the da_dk translation. But actually he did the translation and sent me a .po file.

    I contacted you in Slack about this.

    Anyway, it’d be better if we all can continue the discussion in Slack rather than this review post. 🙂 @nh123 is requested to join https://wordpress.slack.com, if he want to continue contributing in WordPress things.

    It is very fine with different reviews and what @ellegaarddk is writing is not 100% correct and neither was my translation. So always be ready to take in suggestions and for the site owner to moderate the translations used on his site.

    I would never set “!” directly after the word like! – as it disturbs the reading, but always like this !

    Keep up the good work guys ! 🙂

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