• Here’s the deal:

    The plugin is NOT perfect-

    #1. When inserting a global row and clicking the PLAY button to insert, the actual clicking area is at a “slight” offset from this button. This can make you think the software is broken / not working but in reality, just click slightly off of the button and all is well.

    #2. I’m a CSS guy and maybe I don’t know how to do it, but I’m sure it’s possible- If I make major site changes, I need to click each individual content piece- This is probably because I’m using HEADINGS for all of my content instead of text. Just be smart about how you build or you could be manually editing every piece of content to change font size- Doing this for desktop and mobile is a hassle.

    The final result?

    At the end of the day, the end result for any landing page, squeeze page, or website is an absolute and beautiful MASTERPIECE.

    You do NOT need much experience / Drag and Drop is solid- If you are aware of the 2 minor nuances above, this PLUGIN is worth everything you need it to be-

    The look of a PROFESSIONAL website built by a PRO at an absolute fraction of the cost.

    + Solid for squeeze pages
    + Solid for landing pages
    – Minor functionality issues at times
    + Amazing custom support & fast response, with all issues resolved to date.

    Thank you PluginOps,

    I literally couldn’t have built what I have without this plugin.


    Nice Stock Scanner

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