• Great support!!

    ASE Pro has a lot of features, but I don’t use them all. However, I was able to uninstall multiple plugins by installing ASE Pro. Security weaknesses in many plugins have been reported on the WordFence site. As a result, ASE Pro improves security. I contacted support even before purchasing ASE Pro. When I ask a question, I always get a response within a few hours to 12 hours. If you have a problem with your site, you can contact ASE Support instead of restoring your site. In fact, I was able to resolve the issue with support from ASE without having to restore the site. ASE Pro developers are always quick to respond and helpful, both free and paid. Support for ASE Pro is excellent, and the roadmap shows that more features will be added in the future. When I look at the update history of the plugin, I see that it gets improved very frequently. I’ve seen other paid plugins that only have one feature that ASE Pro has, with a $120 annual subscription for use on 200 sites. Considering various aspects such as support, functionality, fees for other plugins, and increased security due to aggregation of other plugins, it is worth investing in ASE Pro.

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