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  • I only started using WordPress in December of 2013. My first reaction was that the builtin TinyMCE editor was pretty weak. So I poked around and found Ultimate TinyMCE and TinyMCE Advanced. They both looked pretty good, but UTMCE had the edge in features, and rave reviews for support. Needless to say, I was a little shaken/upset to learn that WordPress 3.9 spelled the end of UTMCE just as I was getting comfortable with it and using more of its features. While the transition from UTMCE to WP Edit sure was rough on Josh, I think he did a great job handling the very unfair criticisms he got. Blaming him for having the rug pulled out from under him in WP 3.9 is kinda like blaming your car dealership for not continuing to sell models that the manufacturer discontinued.

    Anyway, I think he made the transition from UTCMCE to WP Edit in a very professional and responsible way, updating the free version with some pretty good stuff that cost him some time, while limiting the stuff he really sweat blood over to the Pro version.

    I ultimately decided to go with the Pro version, largely for the HTML Magic button (sooo much more helpful than the Text tab or <> source button), and shortcode dropdown (my theme has a ton of shortcodes whose names aren’t so easy to remember).

    In deciding whether or not to go Pro, I did give TinyMCE Advanced a quick trial. There’s nothing wrong with it, I thought it was also quite good, and pretty comparable to the free version of WP Edit. I can’t compare the support; I know that TinyMCE Advanced has been around for a long time, and is well-supported; but I don’t think it’s possible that it could have better support than Josh has given and continues to give to UTMCE/WP Edit. It was the added features in WP Edit Pro, combined with Josh’s track record and commitment to continue extending it in the direction of the mighty UTMCE that made the choice for me.

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    Wow – Just wow. With your permission.. I’d like to include this in a few of my other websites. You have hit the nail right on the head!

    I’ve already read your review three times.. and I’m getting ready to read it a fourth 😉

    Very concise; objective; and definitely helpful. I know when this ‘dust settles’ from the update… you and I are going to start creating some very awesome stuff for these plugins!

    Thank you, very much. This review absolutely made my day. Thank you.

    No problem, Josh, use it however you like. I’m secretly flattered that you called it concise, as I seldom hear that – responses I get to emails I send usually include something like: “I didn’t have time to digest the whole thing, I’ll have to get back to you later on the details” 🙂

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