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  • Great plug-in that does a great basic job of letting non-profits and others manage their volunteer needs. Functionally it is right on target and works out of the box with very little set up.

    I would like to see
    – more flexibility/control over the CSS
    – integration with MailChimp
    – admin screen with ability to manually add volunteers

    But these are great things for the future. Highly recommend.

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  • Plugin Author Wired Impact


    Thanks for the great review @rickpugh. We really appreciate it and your suggestions. As far as MailChimp integration and the ability to add volunteers manually, both of those items have been brought up by others and are on our radar.

    For your note about “more flexibility/control over the CSS”, can you give me a better idea what you’re referring to here? We’d love to know if there is a way we can improve how the plugin handles styling.



    Hi Jonathan,

    As far as the CSS goes, I would like the ability to be able to apply CSS styles on a case by case basis on any front end elements as individual fields (like name or email) or to be able to apply styling to specific implementation of those fields.

    For example. It would be nice if I could style the sign up form on the Reoccurring Needs sign up slightly differently than the specific needs form. Maybe different header colors or background to differentiate what page I’m on. On the other hand, I would like to be able to apply the same CSS values to all implementations of specific fields like email.

    Now that I’ve typed this out it sounds a little confusing – let me know if I’ve been able to get my point across.

    Also – It would be great if you could incorporate google re-captcha capability. I have it installed on all of my other site forms but can’t add it to yours. I just like consistency 🙂

    Plugin Author Wired Impact


    Thanks for writing out the details @rickpugh. In regards to the CSS, almost all of the items you listed are possible at this point within WordPress, which is great. To add CSS within your theme, take a look at method 1 at In regards to styling individual form fields, each field actually has a specific ID which you can use to target it. For example, you could adjust the first name field with this CSS:

    #wivm_first_name {
      background-color: black;

    You can also style the flexible opportunities list and the one-time opportunities list by using the one-time and flexible classes. The only item you noted that you can’t adjust by default is the form based on whether it’s a one-time or flexible opportunity. This is possible though if you copy and adjust the opp-single-form.php file in the templates folder of the plugin into your theme.

    In regards to reCAPTCHA, our last release actually included implementation of a honeypot field. Essentially, a honeypot is a field that doesn’t display for humans on the site, but spambots can see it. When spambots fill it out, the volunteer form doesn’t submit. We much prefer honeypot over reCAPTCHA since it provides a much better user experience.

    I hope that’s helpful. Thanks again for the review and definitely let me know if you have any other questions.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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