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    For context, my professional background is as a business consultant and visual systems developer on a completely different stack (not WordPress). I’ve over 20 years of experience working with enterprise level system development, and working with professionals who know backup and security inside out. A few weeks ago a volunteer assignment led me to build a WordPress site for the organization I serve. While I’m not a backup/security expert, I know enough to know what I don’t know.

    My professional background informed me in my search. I knew immediately that I needed a reliable backup solution. I also needed a security solution. I had tried some other highly-rated backup solutions. The first one I settled with had the backup files stored on our server (it was free – you get what you pay for). This was always a short-term solution. However, imagine my surprise when the wp-contents folder mysteriously disappeared after 6 hours!

    And so, back to the drawing board I went. Before resetting the site (this was day 1 so I could afford this luxury) I returned to researching. BlogVault surfaced so I checked them out.

    When I got to their site their helpful chat did a great job of explaining their plans. They also let me know that their package had security as an option as well.

    And so without feeling like I’d been aggressively upsold, I figured I’d give it a go. I was on day 2. I didn’t have anything to lose. If it didn’t work out I could always continue my search. And I had a money-back guarantee – Win-win.

    Here’s the journey of the past week since then:
    – I’ve used their Staging site effectively. At this price point this is an excellent feature, giving me a development server to prepare for future migration or major changes. This feature is astonishing for this price-point, a real differentiator.
    – I’ve restored a backup to a reset WordPress site (my error). Their restore solution nailed it, much to my relief and saving me a lost 4 days of work!
    – Their security has identified rogue attempts to log on, and effortlessly allowed me to blacklist such IPs.
    – Support has been top-notch. But then, they’re supporting a solid solution that works. Support for me has been about me working out how to do things.
    – The dashboard you get for your site(s) is laid out well, and for the price-point another excellent value-add. I regularly start with checking out the dashboard before heading over to the site to do more work.

    For a solution in the non-enterprise space, BlogVault offers a lot of the essential features one would want for a more serious IT effort; the kind of features that if you don’t know what you don’t know (like most people coming to WordPress I expect) that can really save you time and the downs of a roller coaster ride.

    Could they have additional features? Certainly. But then I’d be looking at this as an IT professional asking for features that come in much more expensive platforms.

    I’ve seen some comments about how hard the platform is to work. My experience was smooth. I purchased the plan on their site, installed the plugin, activated, entered my email, and automatically my account was connected, with a button for me to confirm the email address. Once I clicked to visit the dashboard, backup was already underway and security active, firewall monitoring had begun, and within minutes I was ready to continue my build with peace of mind.

    If you have a different experience than this I’d recommend submitting support tickets. Their response during business hours has been fast for me. And every time I have had a newbie question they’ve done a solid job of getting me a clear answer.

    Is their tier pricing fair? I believe so. I can upgrade to get features like real-time backups, and real-time display of events. For around $12/month the peace of mind for both the backup and security is fair to me. Everyone does need to earn their daily bread and eat after all.


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    • This topic was modified 3 months ago by carewen.
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