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    I purchased 2 of these Profecient templates that come with the Jeg Elementor Kit. I have yet to use the Jeg Elementor Kit but I have purchased from this company before other templates and their support and design of templates are outstanding. I am hoping I can get the look of their JNews template in this Profecient template.

    The Profecient template seems like it is just a basic template so I am hoping that I can do wonderful things with the Jeg Elementor Kit to improve the layout of my theme.

    One other thing is that the Profecient template comes bundled with 3 files:


    I know what to do with these files profecient-child.zip and profecient-theme.zip but there is no instructions on what to do with this file profecient-essential.zip. I sent a help request a month ago and have not heard any answer.

    But all in all thank you for a nice looking theme and plugin.



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  • Plugin Author Fauzan Jegstudio


    Hello techspecX,

    Thank you for your review; we appreciate your feedback! 😊

    Regarding the profecient-essential.zip file, it contains the installation for the Profecient Essential plugin, which is crucial for the Profecient theme. Disabling it may prevent you from utilizing certain features within the Profecient theme.

    Once again, thank you for your review.

    If you have any further issues or questions, please feel free to create a new topic on the support forum.

    Best Regards,
    Fauzan Edris

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