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  • Looking for a way to manage the mass of months in some archives list, I stumbled upon this plugin. It does exactly what it promises to do!

    From a code perspective, I would suggest to maybe implement an option to inline the CSS and JavaScript, since they are really short and don’t really require separate files at the current state of the plugin. Unless you are using http/2, two requests less might make a slight difference in performance. Also you could try to get away without depending on jQuery. But I’m complaining on a high level here.

    Also, I added some lines of CSS to my theme to customize a bit. They make the two first months unfolded by default, to have a little candy to convince the visitor to click the other months as well. Maybe that could be a future-feature? Who knows… 😉

    li.archive-accordion-year:first-child ul,
    li.archive-accordion-year:nth-child(2) ul {
    	display: block;

    Thanks for your time creating the plugin! 🙂

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