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  • I was a fan of WP-SNAP!, which did make glossaries very easy to manage. However, WP-SNAP! was not aware of the new taxonomies and was category-based on “normal” articles, did not have hovertips, and didn’t use shortcodes. Worse than that, the WP-SNAP! author gave up on the plugin.

    WP-Glossary does everything that WP-SNAP! does, but it does everything better. Glossary entries are taxonomies, so they won’t populate the loop with garbage (which was a handicap with WP-SNAP!) β€” unless, of course, you wish them there. The shortcodes are easy to do and understand (although I would rather prefer the ability to search for related content, which is what you get when adding a new link to another article, instead of “guessing” what the right entry is named). Adding an indexed page (with entries for A, B, C etc.) and styling it just needs one shortcode; all the rest happens automatically.

    I did test some alternative free Glossary plugins (there are many which are paid). While all of them sort of work in a similar way, WP-Glossary, for me, was the easiest to setup and the easiest to use β€” many others have issues with URLs and rewriting rules, which WP-Glossary has not. This is particularly important for me, since I use Nginx, and although many WP plugins are Nginx-aware, a lot rely upon Apache’s mod_rewrite module to work properly. WP-Glossary works right out of the box under either Apache or Nginx.

    Also, it continues to be kept up-to-date by its friendly author, which means that not only security issues are handled quickly, but that new features might be developed (like the recent move to a completely new “hovering tip” engine, qTip).

    While few plugins are “perfect” and “complete”, I nevertheless can fully recommend WP-Glossary as an excellent plugin which does pretty much what is needed and is simple to install and use.

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  • Plugin Author TCBarrett


    Thanks for the great review!

    I have ideas for glossary term selection – at the moment I’m pondering on three options:
    1. Add an admin meta box that you can select a term from (creates shortcode syntax for you to copy-pasta into the editor)
    2. A TinyMCE dropdown listing all the terms (select one inserts shortcode into the editor at cursor position)
    3. Popup button. Click in the editor, click the button and get a popup where you can select term and options (gets inserted where you clicked)

    1 & 2 are easier, but not as versatile as 3. Hopefully one (or more) of those will make an appearance soon πŸ™‚

    All of them sound awesome, Tom πŸ™‚ I’m curious to see what you can come up with.

    I wonder if somehow 3. couldn’t be tied into the “insert link” popup, which already does searches β€” but apparently only for posts & pages. If there is a way to extend the taxonomies it searches for, then you might have everything you need there πŸ™‚

    I’m just wildly guessing, I haven’t personally tried to tweak the “insert link” popup myself…

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